The basics

What is GOrack ?
GOrack is a specialized accessory for the Brompton folding bike, created to make it effortless to roll your folded bike. It has secured patents in the United States and internationally. GOrack is compatible with all Brompton models.
How is GOrack different from other “rolling” systems?
GOrack enhances the maneuverability of your folded Brompton on various surfaces, offering a unique ability for precise steering. This feature is especially crucial when carrying a loaded shopping basket. Additionally, when using GOrack, the stability of rolling a Brompton is superior to any other rack system available
In addition to the Brompton bikes, is Gorack compatible with other bikes that shares a similar design?
GOrack is specifically engineered to accommodate the distinctive geometries of a Brompton bike's rear triangle. It cannot be mounted on a Brompton rear triangle that has been modified to have a wider Over-Locknut Dimension (O.L.D), for instance.
How long is the warranty?
We offer a limited two (2) years warranty on GOrack, though in some countries this period may be different. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details.

Order, payment, shipping

Where and how can I buy a GOrack?
You can order your GOrack directly on our website. It is not available for purchase through any other outlets, at this time.
When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged immediately after the order is placed, for the full amount due.
What are the shipping cost?
The shipping cost, which varies based on your location and chosen shipping method, will be calculated during the ordering process.
Does the price or shipping cost include vat or other duties?
No. In most countries outside of the US and Canada, you will have to pay import duties, fees and VATs relevant for your shipment address. You will receive notification from the shipping agent or import authority regarding the payment of this amount. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal and these are debit/credit card payment options:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
We currently don't support any other payments options (e.g. Discover Card ), but we will strive to support more payment options in the future.
I have ordered but haven't received a confirmation email.
When you order a GOrack you will receive a confirmation email which will serve as the receipt. It will be sent to the email address used when placing the order.
I you haven't received the confirmation email, then first check your spam folder in your email client. If you still can't find the confirmation then submit a request to us by using the form on our help pages. When submitting the request please let us know about the date of the pre-order, your name and your shipping address.

Return and refund

What is your policy on refund?
If you cancel your order before notification of shipment, you will receive a full refund within two weeks. If you cancel after receiving your notification of shipment, there are different return/refund policies depending on law and regulation in your country. In most cases, within 24 hrs we will ship your order and notify you. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details.
How do I ask for a refund?
If you would like to cancel your order and ask for a refund, please reply to the confirmation email we sent you after you ordered. Also, make sure the Order number is in the email.

If you have ordered a GOrack but haven't received a confirmation email, and would like to cancel your order, then please let us know by submitting a request in our help center.
Can I change my order to include more or less of any items?
We currently do not support changing the contents or quantities of your order. Please either place a new order for the extra items you want, cancel your order (you'll get a full refund) and place a new one.

Features and functionality

Are there mounts for fender, rear light or reflector?
Yes, there are mounts available for a fender (only the Brompton R type) and for a rear light. The GOrack comes with a built-in fender mount, while the rear-light mount is an additional attachment designed to be compatible with certain rear lights. It's worth noting that certain Brompton lights, due to their width, may not fit in the designated space for attachment.
Does GOrack come with rollers, swivel wheel ?
Absolutely, GOrack arrives ready for installation on your Brompton. It includes two rollers, one swivel wheel and all the necessary hardware. There is no need to buy additional rollers, wheel.
Can I use GOrack on my Dahon or on other folding bikes besides Brompton?
Unfortunately, GOrack is not compatible with Dahon bikes because they fold sideway. Currently, GOrack is designed exclusively for use with Brompton bikes.
How does GOrack perform on carpet surfaces?
Even with its smaller swivel wheel, GOrack glides smoothly over carpets in various public settings such as airports or public halls. The steering remains effortless.
Does adding a GOrack to a Brompton increase its folded size?
A Brompton with a GOrack folds approximately one inch taller, but it still fits into most shipping containers designed for Brompton bicycles.
In shopping mode, what is the maximum weight that GOrack can accommodate for groceries?
As per the Brompton Owners Manual, the Brompton can safely carry a maximum load of 10 kg (22 lbs) on its front rack. While GOrack is capable of handling a higher load, exceeding this limit could place excessive stress on the Brompton's main hinge. To ensure the bike's longevity and safety, it's advisable to keep your grocery weight to no more than 10 kg.
How do I switch between modes, and when is it possible to do so?
To transition between luggage and shopping modes, follow these two steps:
1) Rotate the center bolt on the tab of the roller axle counterclockwise, and pull the tab out in a straight line.
2) Move the tab to the desired location either on the side or on the front of the GOrack, ensuring that the pins are fully inserted into the corresponding holes. Then, press in the center bolt and turn it clockwise until it clicks into place.
It's important to note that you can only change the mode when the bike is in the riding position (not folded).
Could using the rack potentially invalidate the warranty on my new Brompton?
It's possible (Please verify with your Brompton dealer!).