About Us

My name is Will, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to GOrack, where we're dedicated to making cycling easier and more enjoyable.
This journey all began when I experienced the discomfort of carrying a hefty six-speed Brompton bike down a busy street, leaving me with a sore arm. It got me thinking: Could we find a way to pull a folded Brompton like a suitcase, eliminating the need to carry its weight, which can be more than 25 lbs? While some may suggest reducing weight with expensive lightweight parts, I also appreciate the convenience of accessories like improved gearings, electric motors, and batteries, and many others – all of which, unfortunately, add even more weight to the bike.
My desire was simple: I want to cycle to more places, avoid the hassle of parking, and forget about locking my bike outside - which means a highly portable bike.
This desire led to the development of GOrack, which solves the common problems associated with maneuvering a folded bike: stability and maneuverability. GOrack allows a folding bike, such as the Brompton, to switch between two modes: luggage mode and shopping mode, making it easier to roll.

Here at GOrack, we're committed to innovation, quality, and enhancing city life. Whether you're a daily commuter, a weekend adventurer, or simply seeking a smarter way to navigate the city, GOrack is here to help you embrace a new era of convenience in cycling.
Happy riding.
Will HoOwner, GOrack shop GOrack